G. J. Mendel’s Legacy to Science, Culture, and Humanity

reg. no. ATCZ278

The figure of G. J. Mendel and his discovery of the Laws of Inheritance could be described as a cross-border symbol and embodiment of the Czech Republic’s and Austria’s common heritage. Mendel’s work has complementary connections with the cities of Vienna and Brno. In Vienna Mendel gained the academic knowledge which he then put into practice during his experiments with pea plants in his greenhouse in Brno. The main goal of the project is establishing long-term cross-border cooperation in promoting and looking after Mendel’s legacy, as well as creating a new space for cross-border cooperation and cultural and scientific exchange by restoring Mendel’s greenhouse. The project’s activities will deepen the cross-border cooperation established by regular meetings during cultural and scientific events to help further spread Mendel’s legacy. The main output of the project will be the Strategic Plan to Promote Mendel’s Legacy to Science, Culture, and Humanity in the Czech republic and Austria. The plan will be put together by the project partners and will provide a foundation for promoting Mendel’s legacy in the Czech Republic and Austria. Part of the plan will consist of a set of PR and marketing popularization measures, as well as a plan for future activities that will be organized by the project partners. There will also be a proposal for the future use of the greenhouse, so that it would lastingly carry the idea of cross-border cooperation and represent Mendel’s legacy. The Strategic Plan will ensure the project’s sustainability, the promotion of a combined cultural heritage, and its preservation and development as a source for cultural tourism.

Upcoming events for the public:

The project partners will organize a range of public events in 2022, both in the Czech Republic and Austria. The Czech and Austrian public is warmly invited to participate in the events!

Project Legacy G.J. Mendela for Science, Culture and Humanity is co-financed from the funds of the INTERREG V-A program Austria – Czech Republic.