Mendelův skleník

The Mendel Greenhouse is an important and unique building on a global scale. In this place Gregor Johann Mendel discovered the laws of heredity, the scientific and cultural value of this building is incalculable. Geneticists from all over the world, when visiting Brno, first go to the monastery to pay their respects to Mendel and stand at the foundations of the greenhouse. Only the foundation bearing structures and perimeter walls of the original greenhouse have been preserved. The greenhouse was destroyed in a natural disaster in the 1870s. The restored greenhouse will be used as a multifunctional building for lectures, trainings, social events, etc. Thanks to the fact that it is designed with maximum variability of the interior space, it will be possible to use it for a large number of activities. It will provide adequate space for intensive cross-border multidisciplinary cooperation and mutual cultural exchange, systematic education of the professional and lay public and the promotion of sustainable development principles. The strategic development plan will ensure that the activities in the greenhouse have a coherent and well thought-out concept and vision.

Project Legacy G.J. Mendela for Science, Culture and Humanity is co-financed from the funds of the INTERREG V-A program Austria – Czech Republic.